Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My 28th

January 12, 2010

Another year for me...i'm not entirely sure if i'm happy about me being 28, but i'm sure i had a lot of fun spending it with my family, my Jd, my friends and officemates. Birthday wish? I don't believe in wishing before blowing the candle...whatever it is that we wish for, it's all up to us if we will make them come true.

My day goes out like this: I went to work, spent the day with my officemates. Then, Jd and I had dinner at night - i sooo love Gotti'ss - italian foods rocks! A couple of days after that i spent it with my bestfriend and closest friends. And on weekend, my parents gave me a bday party and we had sooo much fun. I was so drunk...i almost passed out...afterall, it's my bday, and i'm gonna party coz it's my bday. Yeeehaaah!

with Jd @ Gotti's

thanks MCS for the cake!




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