Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st Time @ Boracay

January 23-25, 2010

My 1st time to go to Boracay....yes, unfortunately...i don't travel much. It was a blast! MCS company outing, thanks to Sir Steve, Thi and Jim for making it happen. That was one of my best weekend ever...i had great time with friends.

Jan.23 - Ok, arrived at Bora by 6pm. Stayed at Tan's guesthouse. Dinner @ Indian Cuisine. Swimming and drinking @ Boracay Regency hotel. Party all night @ Sommer Place. Rosary henna tattoo. The Bar @ room.

Jan. 24 - breakfast with friends. ATV adventure. Puka Beach. Butterfly garden, vampire bats! Mt. Luho, overlooking Boracay island.Seafoods galore for lunch. Shopping at D Mall. Fruitshakes @ Jonah's. Pictorials. Dinner. The Bar party @ room. Beach party again. Billiards.

- Breakfast with friends on the seaside. Skimboarding. Sprained ankle. Skimboarding still. Left Boracay @ 12noon.

I will definetely go back for more! More ATV, Jetski, more party and more shopping at D Mall!


L said...
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L said...

You're soooo fit! I hate you! :-D

/\__/\ said...

why naman ;)

Seingalt said...

Hello! LOL

Patapak sa blog mo. :D

Paoee said...


Maling account pa nagamit. :D


/\__/\ said...

Hello Sein!

thanks for dropping by =)

Paoee said...


Kala mo kung ano na noh? LOL

/\__/\ said...

oo nga eh...kaw kasi eh =P

Paoee said...

Anong ako? Ano bang ginawa ko? ^_^

Adik sa blog. Ako tinamad pagkagawa ko palang. Hindi ko na tinuloy. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, 1st timer How is your vacation in boracay? Enjoy ba? hehe ganda talaga dyan, masarap din mag unwind. Thanks for those photos

Tanya Gemarin

Anonymous said...

Teka san pala kayo nag stay? ilang araw naman kayo dun sa boracay?

Tanya Gemarin

/\__/\ said...

sorry for the late response boracayhotels. We stayed in Tan's Guest House. Yup, we enjoyed it a lot...will definitely go back there again... =)


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