Monday, April 18, 2011

@ iBlog7

April 1, 2011
This was the 1st time I attended a blogging conference. My 1st iBlog and I had fun, that's for sure. Well of course, I (finally) got the chance to meet Mr. Howie Severino - one of my fave tv journalist (and crush. yihiii).
Since I am in-charge of my client's blogs, it's really a good opportunity to be a part of iBlog7. Though we (@ work) already applied most of the blogging tips mentioned by the speakers, i still enjoyed the conference and i had fun just sitting there with a lot of great Pinoy bloggers, sharing thoughts and blogging ideas. These people are really inspiring and they made me wanna check out my old blogs and update them again.

Pics from iBlog7

A lil chat with Mr. Howie Severino...


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