Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's Your 1st Mobile Phone?

Do you still remember your 1st ever cellphone? What unit was it? When did you bought it?

I still remember mine...i got my 1st ever cellphone 8 yrs ago - August 2000. It was Bosch 509.
My bestfriend was the first one who bought that unit and i've decided to get the same unit...yknow...we're bestfriends!
Although i don't recall how much it is way back then, i know i got the money from my back pay from one of my jobs. I love that fone i swear!
I never thought of camphones, 3G and wifi capabilities on a mobile phone before, that's why im so contented with 3-liner cp i got.

After that, here are the following phones i've used....mostly Nokia.

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3530
Nokia 7250i
Nokia 7650
Nokia 2100
Nokia 3100 - still keeping it
Nokia 3220
Nokia 2600 - still keeping it
Nokia 3230
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6101
Nokia N70
Nokia N73
Nokia 5300
Nokia 6120 - still using it sometimes



U600 - current phone i'm using

I wonder what's gonna be my 22nd cellphone? To be honest, i just want a simple phone. I don't like camera phones or 3G phones anymore.....
I've been planning to buy Nokia 2630 - its small and simple. Something that i think i can keep for a long time. When shall i buy it? December? I hope so!


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